Tips on Removing Dog Smells in your Home

  • Lee
  • December 14, 2015

Tips on Removing Dog Smells in your Home

The first tip to keep your home smelling nice is obviously to get a Maid Savvy cleaning (..duh), but otherwise a good rule of thumb if you have pets it yo make sure your dog is potty trained. If your dog is not potty trained and you have carpet that can present a very bad problem. Dogs are much bigger animals than cats and they urinate a whole lot more at one time. If you are constantly cleaning the carpet you are eventually going to have to take the carpet up. Trust me on this because I have seen it happen over and over.

If you are potty training your dog, make sure to keep his potty pad somewhere out of sight and out of the way. Usually a laundry room or the mud roof is a good place for it. If you dog is being potty trained to go outside, this will cause him to have to be groomed frequently because he will begin to smell and stink up your home.
Keep the animals off furniture especially soft furniture. Soft furniture seems to soak up odors and over time it becomes hard to remove. If you have leather furniture it will be easier to clean, but remember that all pets have sharp nails and it could tear your furniture.

Another way to keep the smell down is to mop and vacuum as much as you can. Keeping the floors swept and mopped also keeps the germs down as well.
Don’t forget to wash the dogs bedding and toys that he plays with. If his toys are not washable and they are beginning to smell really bad toss them and buy some new ones.
Another way is to spray a deodorizer in your home that kills the smell and not just covers it up. Your dog is going to need to be groomed on a regular basis since it is in your home, but you are not going to be able to groom him every day.

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