Things You Dhouldnt Clean with Vinegar

  • Lee
  • December 08, 2015

Things you shouldnt clean with vinegar

Vinegar is a very common cleaner, it is often mixed with water and used too clean many things. However, vinegar is excellent at certain things, it isn’t great for cleaning grease based spots. Those dirty spots in or on your oven aren’t going to come clean if you use vinegar. It has little to no effect on grease and will not lift the grease. Grab you some dish liquid and a sponge that will get your grease right off.

Never use vinegar on a waxed surface, such as your beautiful furniture. It will remove the finish and dull your furniture. Once the finish has been removed you can’t fix it unless you completely redo the piece. However, if you were redoing a piece of furniture that you wanted to re-polish or paint you would use vinegar to remove the old residue before adding the new.

According to the Marble Institute, “you cannot use vinegar on your marble counter-tops or other stoneware because it will cause it to pit and corrode.”

While vinegar is great for washing windows and glass it is not good for your computer screens or television. When you receive your electronic they come with a protective film that helps keep grease and fingerprints down. Vinegar will strip it off if you use it on your sensitive screens.

You cannot use vinegar on cast iron skillets or aluminum pans because they react to the vinegar. If you want to clean your pans with vinegar it they would have to be stainless steel only.

Vinegar is often mixed up to be an insect killer. While vinegar does kill some insects if you spray it directly on your plants it is liable to kill them. Vinegar can be very toxic to some plants, because it can also be mixed up and used as a weed killer.

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