Spring Cleaning Checklist

  • Lee
  • December 05, 2015

Spring Cleaning Checklist

Every year around April I began to want to tear my entire house apart and clean every single item. I don’t know it is the weather or just habit, but most people are like me and do the same thing. Spring cleaning is a great time to clean out your closets, book cases, shoes, toys, and many other things and donate or make some money by having a yard sale. I love cleaning in general so I get pretty excited about cleaning everything out.

My checklist begins with the garage, don’t ask me why, but it does. Every year I haul out 30 gallon trash bags and huge boxes so that I can make a donate, trash, and yard sale pile. Like most people the garage becomes a dumping ground and can become unorganized very quickly. Make sure you run clean of all of the shelves, go through totes, and then reorganize them. A clean garage makes it so nice to look at when you pull your car in.

The next thing on my list is the kitchen. Everywhere I accumulate tons of plastic and extra dishes. I also go through all my cookie cutters, cake pans, and pots. I make note if one needs tossing and I add that to a buy list that I keep running on the side of the fridge. I also clear out all of the old canning rings and rims that I used last year, but are rusted and need tossing.

My next room is my room. I pull everything out from under the bed and toss old magazines that have been laying under there all year. I also go through my journal note books and decide if I keep or toss. I take every single item out of my dresser and what doesn’t make it back into the dresser, goes into the donate or sell pile. I do the same with my shoe organizer.

The next room I work on is the office. I go through all the old files and throw away what doesn’t no longer need saving. I redo my filing system and make new filing folder. I love my label maker! Everyone should own one of those things, there great! I also clean the desk out, tossing pens, pencils, and old office supplies that need erasing.

My last stop if the laundry room/pantry. I clean it out to donate food to the food bank that I know we are not going to eat or something that I have extra of. I usually find an empty bottle or two of something that didn’t get tossed. I also go through my gift bags I’ve been saving all year and keep or toss depending on if they are wrinkled or torn. The misplaced sock bin also sets in this room, I match up the ones that I find in the bin and then throw the rest in the garbage.

That is my spring house cleaning checklist that I work on every year it typically takes me about a week to complete it all.

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