Customer Bill Of Rights

At Maid Savvy, we are dedicated to transparency in our customer relationships. We place customer satisfaction above all else when conducting businessin our comminuty. We also understand that some cleanings can have unexpected things happen and that everyone is human. Instead of being vague about expectations or hiding from our customers, we created a customer Bill of Rights. These rights are intended to keep the highest level of safety and security for our customers.


Accidents, traffic, and jobs which require overtime happen on rare occasions. We, Maid Savvy, pledge to notify customers of any delays, cancelations, or irregularities that occur. If we need to notify a customer, we use the following forms of communication: phone (direct, voicemail, SMS) or email.

What We Don't Clean

Maid Savvy does not offer steam cleaning or carpet shampooing since we do not have the equipment to service these types of cleaning. Our flat-rate pricing does not account for homes that are post-construction cleanings, large party cleanup/frat houses, or homes with hoarders. Also, our insurance prevents the cleaners from lifting objects heavier than 30 pounds. They will not clean outside areas, fireplaces or the exteriors of windows. To protect the cleaners safety, they cannot clean bodily fluids, mold, or other biohazards.

Uncontrollable irregularities

Irregularities happen on occasion but we will work with you when a cleaning must be rescheduled due to uncontrollable irregularities. Customer service is our top priority and we will ensure the cleaning is completed at th most appropriate time available for you. We will notify you about an uncontrollable irregularity, rescheduling via phone or email.


If you're entitled to compensation from Maid Savvy, you will receive an email with a coupon for future bookings or information on how to retrieve reimbursement in the form of a refund or direct deposit.


If a cancellation happens, customers whose cleaning was cancelled by Maid Savvy will (at the customer’s discretion) receive a full refund or recleaning on the next availabile date at no additional charge.

If Maid Savvy cancels a cleaning within 12 hours of the appointment and the cancelation is due to controllable irregularity, Maid Savvy will also issue the customer a $20 credit on the cleaning.

Customer cancelations

If a customer needs to cancel an appointment they will not charged an additional fee if the appointment is cancelled greater than 24 hours in advance via phone or email. Since a time slot must be reserved specfically for the customer, if a cancellation is made under less than 24 hours from the scheduled appointment time the customer is subject to Maid Savvy's cancelation fee policy.

Cancellation time Cancellation fee
12pm-4:59pm day prior to cleaning 25%
5pm day prior to 2 hours before cleaning 40%
1:59-1:01 hours prior to cleaning time 70%
1 hour or less prior to the cleaning time 90%

Maid Savvy also reserves the right to cancel a cleaning if you choose to not disclose the true size of your home. Maid Savvy will charge you the full amount based on the correct size of the home, as well as adding charges for previously misrepresented appointments.


Customers whose cleanings are delayed to a controllable irregularity are entitled to the following:

Delay time Compensation fee
1:30-1:59 hours 3% of total cost
2-2:59 hours 6% of total cost
3 or more hours 10% of total cost

Maid Savvy wants to ensure that you are fairly charged for the cleaning performed in your home. For this we provide reimbursement when the cleaners miss areas in your home.

Full service guarantee

After each cleaning, we at Maid Savvy would like to ensure that you are happy with the work provided. If for some reason you’re not happy, we will reimburse you for what was missed. Please note that cleaning an unknown home for the first time can cause a fe small areas to be missed. If anything is missed, please let us know and we will make sure to rectify the situation on the next cleaning. We make sure that if anything is missed that these specific areas will be brought up with the cleaners for recurring appointments you have with the same team.

Services missed Reimbusrement amount
Fridge interior (extra) $20
Oven interior (extra) $20
Minor spots 1-5% of total cost
Large area 1-25% of total cost
Multiple large areas 1-100% of total cost

To receive reimbursement you must inform us by phone or email within 24 hours of the cleaning. We require that you send at least two photos of the area(s) missed taken from a smartphone; one photo with a close up and one from an appropriate amount of space away from the area. We will work with you closely to properly and honestly judge the areas that were missed so we may reimburse you appropriately.

Small item breakage

Everyone is human and human error can occur (although infrequently) from time to time. If a small item such as a picture frame or glass is broken, the cleaners will tell Maid Savvy when an accident occurs and Maid Savvy will notify you as soon as possible. If the breakage was a fault of the cleaners we will purchase and ship a duplicate item in the mail. Small item breakage covers you up to $50 for item replacement. Please send us a photo of the item and a name and description so that we can find an exact match to send to you. If you have a receipt and/or URL link to where you originally purchased the item from it greatly increases the speed at which we can get your items returned.

Flat-rate pricing

Within reason, we offer flat-rate pricing that appropriately estimates the time of the cleaning. Specifically, prices are based on a size estimation using the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. You will never be charged extra if your home is in an average condition. If you do not disclose the true size of your home to Maid Savvy or your home is in poor condition, we have the right to cancel the cleaning and charge you the full amount based on the correct size of the home, as well as adding charges for previously misrepresented appointments.

After the appointment is scheduled, you may not add on any extra services such as interior of the fridge, oven or move in/out without notifying Maid Savvy via email or telephone, in which case the cleaners must also have enough time to still get to their next appointment. If you choose to add a service without properly notifying Maid Savvy you will be charged for the extra and for additional charges incurred due to delay time for future appointments.

Right to refuse service

Maid Savvy has the right to refuse service for any reason. The cleaners also have the right to refuse requests that would put them in any form of harm such as lifting heavy objects, changing lightbulbs, or reaching for high places without proper equipment. If you book a cleaning online that is not reasonable, such as a cleaning up after a large party, the cleaners may refuse service on the spot and you will be charged the maximum cancelation fee. Putting the cleaner in any form of distress such as yelling at or berating a cleaner can result in refusal of service and the full cancelation fee.

Customer and cleaner contact

The only contact between yourself and the cleaner should take place through our special requests part of the booking form or in person during the cleaning. If a cleaner contacts you to notify you of any difficulty such as parking or entering your home please do not take this as an opportunity to contact the cleaner directly for any reason in the future.


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